Is Getting a Nursing Tutor Worth It?

Nursing is both a challenging and rewarding career, and it’s well-known that the path to get there is not an easy one. The coursework is complicated, and studying is stressful. On top of all of that, nursing students in particular face an overwhelming amount of pressure to succeed since their careers can involve life-or-death decision-making.

More often than not, many students wind up lacking the time, resources, or both needed to succeed in their studies. So is it worth it to hire a nursing tutor?

What are the benefits?

The short answer is yes, it’s worth it to pursue tutoring if you’re on the nursing career path. Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Tutors can help students understand difficult concepts from a different perspective than their professors

  • They can provide practice problems and help you study for upcoming exams

  • Unlike professors, personal tutors can provide emotional support and help students manage stress 

  • Tutors are trained to help students improve their overall studying and time management skills

Is it worth the money?

If you’re a student, chances are you’re conservative with your money and may have reservations about paying for costly tutoring services. While many tutoring options out there are on the more expensive end of the spectrum, there are also plenty of reasonably priced alternatives (if you know where to look). 

For example, you could consider signing up for group tutoring sessions with classmates and split the price.

You may also want to try asking tutors if they offer sliding-scale pricing based on what you can afford — most (good) tutors are understanding since they were once students themselves.

At the end of the day, tutoring is worth the money because it provides two things that your classes wont: emotional support and study/time management skill development.

How can I find a nursing tutor?

Once you’ve decided to get a tutor, the next step is to find one that works for you. You may want to make sure that the person you choose has a nursing degree, official certification(s), nurse educator credentials, or all three.

Pro-Tip: Rhema Health Academy’s nurse educator Esther Brant is a board-certified nurse with a Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree, and has practiced nursing in three different countries throughout her 30+ year career. Click Here to reach out about her tutoring services.

Here are some tips to help you start your search for a tutor: 

  • Ask your school’s counseling department for recommendations

  • Search online for local tutors in your area

  • Make sure you’re choosing between tutors that are qualified and experienced

  • Make sure you feel comfortable with the tutor you select

If you’re struggling with your nursing studies and could benefit from additional support outside the classroom, getting a tutor is worth it. There’s a wide range of pricing options, and it could be argued that the benefits often outweigh the initial investment. Not only do tutors offer emotional support and skill development assistance, their students also learn to build confidence, collaborate with others, and improve their critical thinking skills. 

To learn more about nursing tutor services through Rhema Health Academy, click here.