My Journey in Nursing

The Beginnings

My journey in nursing started when I was 11 years old as Junior Red Cross member. I visited the elderly with my middle school teacher in my small community. So here I was visiting the elderly at age 11 years. My duties were; nail care, foot care, and hair care. Yes. And of course a safe environment. And there you have it – visiting Nurse!

I was trained by the community health nurse (who was my first nurse mentor) to give IM vitamin injections to two of my older sisters who had this crippling disease. I had no idea what it was. All I knew I had now become the honorary medication nurse in the family. I later learned through reading that they had Muscular Dystrophy.

Making Community Connections

I was the “helper” (on the job trained nursing assistant-you would say) for the community nurse during inter-school sports. I would stand at the end of the line and if any one passes out I would put the smelling salt under their noses. I provided first aid care to students with minor bruises and sprains,. I would and tell them it would get better and not to worry. Can you see now the emergency nurse and mental health nurse in this young girl. Some of the kids would call me Lil Nurse and Nursie Nurse – mostly the boys. 🙂

I enjoyed helping people, and bring healing and wellness to them. So I decided when I grew up I would become a NURSE. I wanted to be the best nurse that I could possible be, nationally and internationally

Where I am Now

Fast forward my nursing journey from then to now, -I am a well rounded registered nurse with national and international training & experiences in almost every area of nursing- Pediatrics, Med/Surg, mental health, Emergency (17 years), ICU, IR, Cath lab, OR, Telemetry, Oncology, hospice, CM & Utilization management ,nursing education and nursing leadership.

Some folks wondered why I moved from different areas and not stayed in one particular area. But what they did not know, was that is the way I was trained. My journey began that way. I continued to build on the various skills I developed over the years. I went from a diploma RN in the Bahamas to a doctoral prepared (DNP) nurse working in the USA & UK.

My Next Journey

My life-long goal is to help others aspiring to become nurses, or advance their nursing career. Weather you are thinking about becoming a nurse, working on your prerequisites, looking to start your BSN, MSN, or Doctoral degree I can help you. I took all the skills and experiences from the different specialty areas in nursing and used them to my advantage to teach nurses to become their best.